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Revenue generation and increasing market share are essential for any organization to remain viable. What becomes more
complex is identifying the individuals to drive these initiatives which allow businesses to maintain their competitive edge.
True sales leaders have the ability to influence, strategies, predict market trends, manage teams and of course, sell.

Locating the right mix of these skills, with the requisite industry knowledge, can be a challenge for businesses looking to strengthen their sales talent.

What We Do
Pac-J’s approach to sales talent attraction is flexible and dictated by client demand. We provide talent mapping and salary benchmarking, as well as retained search, advertised selection or any combination of these services.
We always keep the outcome in mind – to identify and attract the individual(s) who will make the required impact on your business.

The organizations we partner with range from SMEs to some of the world’s most recognizable brands across all industry sectors. We source the individuals who will lead the growth of these organizations through their sales function.

Who We Are
Pac-J’s sales practice is comprised of consultants dedicated to the executive sales market. We know what’s required of a true sales leader, how to attract them and the difference they can make to your business.